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Brice Sanchez
Senior web developer in Québec city (Canada). I create web applications that help companies to propel their business model.
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5 things you (probably) didn’t know about Refinery CMS

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Refinery CMS is the most popular Content Management System based on the Ruby on Rails framework.

1. Refinery CMS gives you the ability to use your own authentication system

Since Refinery CMS 3.0, the authors have extracted Devise (authentication system) from the core of the CMS.

It gives you the ability to use their official authentication extension : refinerycms-authentication-devise.

Or better, it gives you the ability to use or create your own authentication extension in order to integrate Refinery CMS with other apps like Spree (spree-refinery-authentication), Solidus (solidus-refinery-authentication), etc…

2. Refinery CMS has been designed to be very modular and lightweight

According to the authors and the guide “Using a Refinery CMS extension as a standalone extension in your Rails Application”.

You can easily add a Refinery CMS extension in any Rails Application without adding the all Refinery CMS suite.

For example, it gives you the ability to only add the Refinery CMS Blog extension in an existing app like Spree. No need to add the Pages, Images or Resources extensions.

3. Refinery CMS can quickly generate a form extension

Hidden in the Core until the version 3.0. It now lives like an independent extension: refinerycms-forms

It gives you the ability to quickly create a form extension like a contact form, testimonial form, job inquiry form, etc…

$ rails generate refinery:form job_inquiry name:string message:text job_type:radio brochure:checkbox qualification:select --authors 'John Jones'

4. Refinery CMS can be used via a complete Rest API

Some contributors have seen the potential of Refinery CMS and they manage to create a Rest API to be able to interact with the data.

At this time you can use Pages, Images, Resources, Inquiries and Blog.

See more informations at refinerycms-api.

5. Refinery CMS is open source and backed by volunteers since many years

If you also find this CMS awesome don’t hesitate to help us to grow by :

Contributing to the source code : Contributing to Refinery CMS

Subscribing to initiatives like

Brice Sanchez
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I create web applications that help companies to propel their business model.